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When you browse our websites we collect information about your visit and how you use our services. For this purpose we use cookies.

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Why do we use cookies?

They are mainly used for statistical purposes to see how often each website page is visited. We use this data to improve the content and functionality of our sites. We do not collect personal data for this purpose.

Cookies are also used to remember how you use our services and to ease your browsing experience. This helps us better tailor content to your needs.

They also match the advertising message to user preferences and in ads broadcasted with external partners. This kind of information is anonymous and does not contain any personal information.

Our Internet banking services (BZWBK24, BZWBK24 Mini Company, My Business Plus, iBiznes24, KB24, KBnet) use cookies in particular to:


It is necessary to accept cookies from our websites (BZWBK24, BZWBK24 Mini Company, My Business Plus, iBiznes24, KB24, KBnet) to use our internet banking services properly.

By not accepting the use of cookies you may be prevented from logging on to the Internet banking service or your operations may be disturbed.

How long are cookies active?

Cookies are stored and used over different periods, mainly so users information choices are not lost. Some of them expire when you close the browser, while others are active for several days, months, or even years. Long-term cookies remain active to help us identify new and returning service users.

How to get rid of cookies?

You can avoid installing cookies on your computer by changing your web browser settings. You can also delete existing cookies. How to do it?

We want the best possible services to meet the needs and preferences of our users. Read more about the Regulations and Privacy Policy of BZ WBK services.